Hello! I’m Chef Amanda Grace. I create high-vibrational, sweet & savoury fine foods, and extraordinary dining experiences. I consult on menus, especially when sustainability, reducing climate impact and keeping the planet in mind is the priority. I am a keynote speaker on food related subjects such as ending food-waste, body-positivism & how true beauty and holistic health for everyone involves us shifting our focus from ourselves to the overall good of the planet.

I have been based in Los Angeles for the past few years and have spent the past year being the exclusive chef for the Immense Grace program, curated by Guru Jagat & RaMa Institute. 

I recently returned to London, where I’ve lived for the most recent half of my life, to complete my MA in Journalism at Goldsmith’s College.


Cooking was a passion that grew into a vocation. I started cooking to help put myself through school to become a writer. I am not a classically trained chef, it has always been much more a labour of love.

I hold a BA Humanities & English Literature from the University of London. Once I have completed my final project this summer, I will have earned an MA in Digital Journalism from Goldsmiths College, University of London. I have been studying and cooking for the past eleven years.  

In London, I was the creator of Midnight Steakout. Midnight Steakout started life as a small pop-up dinner for friends, and friends of friends, on the roof garden of my flat in Wapping. I cooked simple dinners of steak on the BBQ, vegetables I grew in the garden, followed by my homemade cakes. 

Photo by Belaphon
Photo by Belaphon

Midnight Steakout quickly snowballed into a series of all-night parties, underground restaurants & sit-down dinners, for up to 172 people, held in various, secret, industrial spaces.

I am originally from DeLand, Florida, where I founded the baking business, Gracie Gourmet. My unique, free-from, sustainable, artisanal, modern British & American fine foods and baked goods became known throughout the land. Everything produced by Gracie Gourmet is made entirely from organic and locally-sourced, whole-food, natural ingredients devoid of GMOs, pesticides, or anything artificial, all unbleached & unbromated; decadent, delicious and entirely natural.

I discovered a love for food at a young age, through a passion for travel and discovering diverse cultures as a teenager. And at an even younger age, during long summer days, eating fruit in mulberry and Florida citrus trees, and the unforgettable flavour of the homegrown produce in my parent’s kitchen garden.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Iceland, North and Central America. The food of many countries has influenced me and given me an insight into the cultures of those countries, not to mention a diverse palate, an understanding of spices, flavour and balancing sauce, as well as a taste for the exotic. The cuisines of Japan, Thailand, Italy, Spain, France, North Africa, Turkey, Iran, England and California being among some of my favourites.

 I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity as my palate has been greatly enriched by my travels and experiencing first hand the food of these cultures, as well as having had the chance to dine at some of the world’s best restaurants. I am happy to now be able to bring my experience to your table.


When I was 16, I had the chance to live on an organic raspberry farm in Northern California, which helped turn me on to vitalistic living. The woman who owns the farm, an incredible botanist, midwife, farmer, and all around renaissance woman, was instrumental in introducing me to a whole-foods, plant-based diet, healthy living, farming, and true, farm-to-table eating.

When I was 17, I went to London for a week, fell in love with that amazing city and ended up staying for over half my life! The food in England has come a long way in recent years, and the culinary scene has had an explosion of excitement. My cooking has, thankfully, also progressed leaps and bounds since the early days and some memorable dishes such as ‘period pie’ and ‘welly stew’ (as in wellington boots). 

I am passionate about food, food politics, food justice, sustainability, reducing food waste, health and nutrition, overcoming food poverty, permaculture, urban farming, farm to table, agricultural diversification, and the overall raising of awareness of the issues surrounding food. The ultimate dream is the creation of a food system where everyone has access to fresh, nutritious, delicious and sustainable food.

I founded the social enterprise Food Chariot to further support this dream and we host pop-up dinners, bakeries, soup kitchens and activism events in support of this mission. Follow, donate or volunteer if you would like to show support.

I love to cook and bake healthy food in the most decadent way possible, with an emphasis on fresh, local, organic and sustainable produce. I delight in making healthy food taste, well, not healthy, but scrumptious. Good produce, prepared simply, in an act of reverence to mother nature, and in an effort to enhance the natural beauty of the food and bring pleasure to the senses and increased vitality to the eater is the objective.

Get in touch today to discuss the delightful ways in which your dining experience can be made more energetically elevated, delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.