Private Cheffing

How would you like to stroll down to the dining room table, just as a bespoke brunch, lunch or dinner is being served? Your favourite meals, cooked fresh and served piping hot in the comfort of your own home. After an initial consultation to discuss your dietary requirements, menus will be catered with your tastes in mind and cooked for you in your home as often as daily. 

One of my current clients has significantly lost weight, lowered cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure since I started cooking for them. The doctor could not believe the dramatic improvements made in just the first month.

I have vast knowledge and experience preparing natural, raw, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, macrobiotic, Paleo, whole-food, plant-based (as well as ethically sourced meat- climatarin/ flexitarian), and able to cater to many other healthy diets and menus.

Get in touch to discuss how your daily meals can be so much more relaxing, nutritious and delicious!