Gepostet von Amanda Grace am Dienstag, 6. November 2018


We recently hosted a cocktail party and Chef Amanda Grace’s food was amazing. The passed canapes and buffet offerings were delicious, aesthetically pleasing and plentiful. Amanda’s team was professional and efficient. It was a joy to work with her for our party. She is a recent transplant to LA and I feel fortunate to have discovered her. -Jacqueline Kruse

I have had the extreme pleasure of being on the receiving end of many of Amanda Grace’s culinary masterpieces. From sumptuous main courses, to mouth-watering vegan dishes, to some of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, her food creations are some of the most unique and tantalizing that I’ve ever tasted. Her cooking style is a fusion of many different traditions and she has developed a truly one-of-a-kind culinary mastery that has to be tasted to be believed. I would travel great distances to partake of her delicious creations! -Freeman Lovejoy

Amanda isn’t just a good cook. She knows how to coax out the flavor and make all foods taste amazing. I especially love her savory entrees. She can take a little and make it a culinary delight! -Pamela Johnson

Amanda Grace is an artist in the realm of delicious and wholesome food. Her refined sensibilities allow her to embrace a broad spectrum of food-related experience; inspiring tastes, environmental sensitivity, and the joy of spending time with friends. Amanda’s cooking and her extraordinary skills as a host made my own 60th birthday party a wonderfully memorable treat for all our guests. -Professor Bob Sitler

I’m still dreaming of her grain-free brownies with candied nuts. -Toji Berlin

I cannot say anything but great things about Amanda’s dishes, but the best has got to be her spicy coconut soup. PS I like salmon in mine. And her almond chocolate cake has got to be a winner. -Rita Raimondo

 Loved the Thai salmon dish Chef Amanda Grace made… Is there a name for it? -Greg Carlton

Umm, I ate almost the entire box of chocolates Amanda Grace made for Toji and Juan’s wedding present. -Kei Berlin

Chef Amanda Grace’s polenta cake is to die for! -Kelly Robson

Anything she puts in your mouth will make Heaven a disappointment by comparison. -CB Hackworth